Thursday, 19 June 2014

Crochet ~ The start of the addiction

I am currently back into crochet, I lost my way with it a bit after making granny squares for the combined blanket with our 'Knit & Stitch' group - read full post here. I wanted to make a blanket for myself and although the Granny squares are great, its a lot of effort afterwards to sew them together and ALL those ends need weaving in! So, I looked to Pinterest for inspiration (of course) and came across Attic24's blog, I have heard of it before but never really looked at it, now I am slightly obsessed with it!

I love Lucy's home, I'm not usually one for lots of colour but love the relaxed cosy look she has achieved:

Image from Attic 24
Lucy's blog is full of tutorials for crochet cushions, blankets, bunting you name it! So, I'm thinking of having a go but maybe in more muted colours.
My first project is a Granny stripe blanket, see here for Lucy's tutorial. Here is her finished blanket with a lovely edging:
Attic 24
And here is mine so far:
I have ordered double knit yarn from wool warehouse in white, blues and greys so will see how it turns out. Wish me luck :)
I am starting to gather future project inspiration onto my pinterest board: 

Follow Tracy @IHeartHome's board I Heart...Crochet on Pinterest.

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  1. I am so referring to your post here as I jump into my crochet adventures! So much amazing inspiration! A happy day to you! Nicole

    1. Thanks Nicole, always happy to inspire!! Good luck with your crochet - you will be addicted in no time! :) x

  2. I bet it's going to look wonderful in those colours, what lovely shades. I'm crocheting myself one huge granny square blanket at the moment, although probably not the best thing to be crocheting this time of year, I boil working under it!

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you for following! I like the idea of the huge granny square blankets - saves all that sewing together! I might try one of those next. I agree, way too hot to be hidden under a blanket but we will appreciate it in a few months time! Good luck with yours xx

  3. Tracey, it will be gorgeous. Those colours are beautiful and will be just right for later in the year when the nights draw in and you need a snuggly blanket or two.

    1. Thanks Anne, it was slow starting but growing quite quickly now! I will post another pic soon, looking forward to finishing it :)


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