Thursday, 21 August 2014

Crochet ~ Granny Stripe Blanket Reveal

The Granny Stripe blanket is finally finished!! Hooray!! The blanket was for a friends baby boy and she is really pleased with it.

Here it is:


I'm afraid the photos don't really do the colours justice. See here and here for progress photos, info on the colours I used and the pattern I followed.

The blanket cost me less than £10 in yarn, but took me almost 2 months to make. I definitely think it was worth it though.

I will show you my next crochet project soon.

Thank you for reading xx



  1. Lovely! The colours go really well together and you did really well with it costing so little. xx

    1. Thank you! I used special dk yarn which is £1.69 a ball from wool warehouse and really nice to work with.
      Thanks for stopping by
      Tracy x

  2. It is just outstanding!!! A job well done friend! They will love it! Nicole xo

    1. Thank you!! I'm really pleased with it- almost didn't want to give it away!! ;)
      I'm now addicted to crochet though and an hoping to do one for me before winter!
      Hope you are well xx


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