Monday, 10 September 2012

My bargain buys this weekend!

I'm feeling a little lost here this morning, my Partner is back at work (after a long summer off), my Son is at pre-school and my daughter is asleep, so I thought I would tell you about my bargain buys this weekend!

Firstly on Saturday we went into town and did our usual rounds of the charity shops. I got a lovely embroidered table cloth for a pound, but the best buy was this kitchen and accessories for the children:

The ELC kitchen was a bargain at £10, its in really good clean condition, and it double sided with an oven on one side and a dishwasher on the other, so both children will get lots of play out of it for years to come! We also got a large pop up basket full of all the accessories; plastic food, toy food tins, plates, cutlery and a full tea set for a fiver! I did consider putting it in the loft and keeping it for christmas, but we couldn't wait to play and had a fun afternoon with my son making us cups of tea and washing the pots (he doesn't take after his Daddy!).

Then, on Sunday we dropped the children off with Grandparents and got to have a leisurely stroll around the carboot (without been dragged around or dealing with tantrums over toys), it was lovely and sunny too! The sun must have brought everybody out as it was heaving with traders and people looking, we still managed to get some bargains though.

I got this very pretty salt & pepper set for £1:
One day I WILL own a dresser in my kitchen and these will look lovely on there, but for now they look pretty in the middle of the kitchen table.

I also got this lovely big wicker basket, it was £5 so not that cheap for a carboot but its really big and sturdy. I'm going to spray it white and put it in the hallway to keep all the shoes in.

I have been going to carboots for years and have mainly bought things for the home and kids, and never really for myself. But a few weeks ago I got myself a skirt for £1 which I have worn loads over the summer, and yesterday I got some fatface jeans for £2 and a Gap top for £1 which both fit perfectly so I'm pretty impressed and may do all my shopping there from now on!!

Hope you got lots of bargains too if you were at the car boots yesterday :)

Thank you for reading xx

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