Sunday, 14 October 2012

A second-hand shopping spree

A child free trip into town (or anywhere) is such a rare treat that I have to spend the time wisely. So, yesterday I had a leisurely stroll into town in the lovely Autumn sunshine and had a really refreshing afternoon shopping and then met some friends for a coffee - should I feel guilty for enjoying child free time so much???

It was so nice to be able to have a proper rummage through the charity/second hand shops without worrying the buggy is getting in peoples way, or that my Son is going to break something. Its funny how five years ago a 'trip into town' meant all the high street fashion stores and now it means a bargain hunting trip! I get much more of a buzz by spending £5 on a few really exciting finds than I do by spending £25 on one top.

Here is what I found:

 A huge blue floral curtain which is 50" drop and 150" wide. I intend on turning it round though and making it into a door curtain for our (still unfinished) hallway. If it doesn't work then it was only £2, and I love the fabric so can always find another use for it.

 I love this red winter Next coat for my little girl. Its age 2-3 so won't fit her until next winter but for £1 its worth putting away. I have a box of clothes that are too big for her which I'm always routing through, and I don't think red coats will ever go out of fashion for little girls.

I love these rustic hooks which I found in a charity shop for £3! I plan on putting them at the back door in the kitchen for hanging the apron etc. Question is do I paint it or leave it in its natural rustic state?

I also bought another glass storage jar for £1 - you know how I can't resist them!!

Hopefully won't be long before I show you pictures of my finds in their new homes.

Thank you for reading xx

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