Monday, 25 February 2013

Crafting for Charity

A while back, I told you I go to a Knit, Stitch & Bitch group at my local pub every fortnight. We are always trying out different projects so that we all get to try out a variety of crafts.

Last year we knitted this huge patchwork blanket which we donated to the East Cheshire Hospice.

It was a real team effort with everyone knitting squares in their spare time. I say everyone but my attempt at knitting but was pretty hopeless, as you can see my square was not very erm square!!!

My little square still got included though, think they felt sorry for it (or me). So, instead I offered to sew the patches together, and then one of the ladies finished it off with the crochet edge. I think secretly we each wanted to keep it and were sad to part with it, but hopefully it is now making somebody very happy!

We are currently helping one of our members make some lots of bunting for her sons birthday party. I love the community feel to the group, helping each other, learning new skills and meeting new people. We are always looking for new projects for charity, so if you know of any I would love to hear about them.

Thank you for reading xx


  1. What a lovely, generous idea :) I hope you find some new projects to try x

  2. Such a lovely idea! Very generous of you all and very fulfilling I am sure. It's a great way to learn new skills too! Good luck with future projects. Mandy x

  3. What a lovely blanket! Gorgeous. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It would be great if your group made pillowcase dresses! Thanks so much. x

    1. Hello, thank you! I think it is such a wonderful thing you are doing, very inspirational!
      I have printed out the templates and patterns to take to the next group, so will see what they think. Hopefully will be in touch soon x


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