Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Garden Incinerator

After spending a few very boring hours sorting and filing all our paperwork/bills, I was not looking forward to the task of shredding the huge pile of old bills. So, my Partner suggested buying a garden incinerator - what is it with men and fires???


So, yesterday we spent the afternoon in the garden, burning paper and garden rubbish and I have to say I found it very therapeutic! It was lovely to be able to tidy the garden and throw all the rubbish straight into the fire.

And of course it was nice to stand by the fire and enjoy a cuppa on a cold afternoon!! I can picture us now standing by it on summer evenings with a glass of wine *sigh*

Today I was planning on spreading the ash on the flowerbeds but its snowing...again!! I'm actually glad though as I have just been reading up on it and some say its good for your garden, some only use it sparingly, and others say avoid certain plants. Anybody any experience of spreading Ash on your garden?

Thank you for reading xx


  1. What a great idea to burn all your stuff rather than all that shredding! I have no experience re the ashes sorry. Snowing lots here too! Keep cosy! Mandy x

  2. It was much more enjoyable than sitting shredding and got to tidy the garden too!! I thought we had seen the last of the snow and was starting to look forward to getting in the garden more :( Lots of games indoors with the kids instead :) You too, thank you x

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