Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dotty about Doilies

I have a small collection of vintage doilies which I love! I have a few dotted around the house so thought I would share them with you.
In my bedroom to protect my drawers from my hair straighteners:

 In my living room on my bureau:

 In my living room on a side table:

Its funny that all of my doilies are on dark pieces of furniture which I'm still deciding whether to paint or not, I think I like the contrast of the doily against the dark wood. I'm definitely going to paint the side table in the living room but can't decide on the bureau and drawers - what would you do?
I still have a few doilies left to scatter around:

Do you love a doily?
Have a good day xx


  1. I have loads of doilies like yours and I love them. I have them all over the house too!

  2. I'm all for painting furniture :) I think that the dresser would look lovely in mint green! xxx

    1. Haha I was thinking of painting it grey, but I am very boring and safe! It probably would look fab in a brighter colour though! :) xx

  3. I would paint a few pieces because painted furniture is so IN!


    1. Hello, welcome to my blog! I agree, I started painting the table yesterday :) x


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