Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hello again Ikea

A while back I wrote a post entitled goodbye Ikea, all about wanting to remove the mass produced flat pack furniture from our home and fill it with one off pieces. However, I find myself going back on my word and back to Ikea, there is no getting away from its practical affordable solutions which are perfect for a family home. I'm particularly drawn to the Ikea hacks I keep seeing on Pinterest, the idea of making it my own is very appealing so this could be the way to go!

A few brilliant examples of Ikea hacking:

Book shelves made from painted spice racks (here) £3 each.

Expedit bookcases (here) stacked on top of each other, with skirting added at the bottom to make them look like built in bookcases.

MOPPE mini chest of drawers (here) £9 made to look antique!

The FORHOJA Kitchen trolley (here) painted with a stained top. We have one of these buried in the outhouse - seriously considering digging it out and doing this!

(Sources for all pictures can be found on my pinterest board).

Are you an Ikea fan, a vintage fan or a mix of both? I'm definitely leaning towards a mix of vintage pieces, painted second hand pieces with the odd Ikea piece thrown in. Funny how our tastes change!

Thank you for reading xx


  1. I prefer vintage painted up! Been through the Ikea stage and want grown up stuff now!!!
    Seriously, I love how some people have such wonderful imaginations and do all sorts of interesting things with Ikea stuff.

    1. I prefer vintage too but can't help been drawn to these Ikea hacks - very imaginative as you say! I have fond my first piece to hack so watch this space :)


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