Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mache Letters

I have been looking for ways to personalise the children's bedroom and after a trip to Hobbycraft found that the Mache letters are currently half price - bargain! So I bought the Children's initials to hang above their beds.

I gave them a base coat of white acrylic paint and then two coats of coloured acrylic paint. I then decorated them with spots and stripes and secured them to the wall with sticky fixers.

I'm pleased with how they turned out and think they look very cute above their beds.

We have now bought a set of their cardboard alphabet so we can paint them and stick them along one wall - pictures to follow shortly.

I'm happy with the direction the bedroom is going in, I'm glad we painted it white and love their knitted blankets on top of plain white bedding from Sainsburys. I need a trip to Ikea for some shelves and picture frames, and want to make a pompom garland with the pompom maker I got for Mothers day, and then I think its done.

How have you personalised your Child's bedroom?

Thank you for reading xx


  1. They look lovely! I can't help in terms of kids' room decor (we don't have any) but our spare room has a dinosaur poster, a wall of maps, a lampshade with fake birds on it, a light-up globe, and a vintage children's desk. If strangers came into our house they'd probably assume we have kids :p xxx

    1. Haha sounds like it's all ready for kids ;) We have a light up globe too and a framed map to go up! Your spare room sounds fab :) xx

  2. Oh Tracy, their room is fab! I love the letters you have made and their blankets are perfect! Haven't been to ikea for years but I remember that they had some great things and reasonably priced too. And I remember having meatballs for lunch there. :)
    Mandy x

  3. Hello Mandy, thank you, really pleased with how it's going! Hahaha meatballs are the only reason my partner will come with me :) Ikea is great for those little storage bits especially for a kids bedroom, I haven't been for a long time either but need a visit xx


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