Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Shopping in France

I have shown the Streets in France from our recent holiday, so thought I would now show you some of the Shopping in France.

There was a night market really close to our campsite filled with handmade goodies:

This was night time I promise!
Lots of shops were selling these decorative drawer knobs so I bought quite a few for our bedroom:

I found a very cute second hand store with a blue mirror which I fell in love with but we couldn't have got it home (not in one piece anyway):

A lovely shop full of French homeware:
I was very excited when I saw this advert for a Brocante market - Dirty Weekenders here I come!!
The Brocante market was lovely, and on the sea front too!

I couldn't resist a couple of French linen tea towels.
If we weren't flying I could easily have bought a lot on this holiday so probably a good job we were!! I still keep thinking about the blue mirror.....
Thank you for reading xx


  1. So many beautiful things in those shops!!! I too would have had a hard time not taking everything!!! Sounds like a lovely trip!!!! Nicole xo

    1. It was very difficult - I was considering leaving some of my clothes behind haha! It was a lovely trip thank you, sad to be home but at least we are having some gorgeous weather at them moment :) xx

    2. I've weighed up that option many times before, to the point where I take the clothes I like least on holiday with me in case I have to leave them behind in favour of an awesome trinket :p xxx

    3. Haha that is seriously a good idea that I will consider next time :)


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