Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tutorial ~ Lavender Sachets

Hello there, I feel I have neglected you lately, I have had a busy summer but I'm back with lots of pictures and projects to share with you :)

I am going to start with these handmade lavender sachets:

I have some lavender growing in my own garden, but only two plants so I visited a friend who has a garden FULL of it and she let me cut away at it to my hearts content!

I have since moved my two lavender plants into the ground so hopefully they will spread and I will have a lot more lavender next year.

When I first cut the lavender it was a gorgeous sunny day, so I spread it all out on newspaper and let it dry in the sunshine:

I then gathered some in bunches and hung it in the shed, and the rest I left in a big cardboard box (with no lid) and regularly rotated it in the box to stop any mould.

Three weeks later and I have lots of dried lavender!!!

Initially I had planned on using the lavender for my Handmade Hearts but I have that much I decided to make some lavender sachets.

My confidence is slowly building with the sewing machine, so I used it to make the bags - an inner and an outer bag.

I made the inner bags using recycled clothing, and the outer bags using recycled fabrics I recently bought at a vintage market.

I filled the inner bags with dried lavender, I was amazed at how much lavender it took to fill one small bag so I put in a little toy stuffing and found that actually this gave it a better shape! I then sewed the inner bag closed, put the inner bag inside the outer bag, secured with a ribbon and voila!

Pretty lavender sachets handmade with recycled fabric to keep your drawers smelling lovely and keep those pesty moths away!!

Thank you for reading! I will be back soon to show you pictures of recent craft stalls and furniture restoration projects we have been working on xxx

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