Saturday, 25 August 2012

Before and After ~ Side Table

There is a second hand furniture shop in our local town which my Partner, Jonny and I love! (thats a slight understatement). They have beautiful furniture and bits and bobs in that they get from house clearances and who knows where else! The shop has about 7 rooms spread over 3 floors and is a real Aladdins cave!

Jonny and I couldn't believe it when we saw this little side table outside the shop one day for a snippet at a fiver! We had to have it!
It might not look much here with this orange stain on it but we knew we could work our magic on it!!

Jonny took the table apart and then sanded it down using the electric sander - lots of dust and mess but a lot quicker and more effective than hand sanding!

We then undercoated the legs and middle shelf with a Farrow & Ball undercoat and primer.

The top was stained with a walnut stain, and the legs/middle shelf were painted with Farrow & Ball no. 226 and voila! a cute little side table!

Its not quite finished as we need to wax the top, we weren't going to bother but it really needs it to be able to dust it!!

Our little table in situ! These old leather reclining chairs have been in our shed for ages, we were hoping to use them but really they need re-upholstering, I tried putting throws over them but throws and two year olds don't mix!! So, I'm sad to say they have been listed on e-bay. I'm looking forward to buying some new seating to replace them with though!!

I also want to share with you another little table we bought from the same shop, we aren't going to do anything to this one though as we love it as it is!!

Please excuse our laminate floor! It was here when we moved in and is on our ever growing to-do list to replace with a carpet. *sigh*

Thank you for reading xxx

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