Thursday, 30 August 2012

Project Hallway

Its so important to get the hallway right, its the first impression that visitors get and tells them what to expect from the rest of your home. Our hallway was very dark with a dark teak floor, not a lot of natural light, and a ugly radiator sticking out!

Hallway Before

An ugly radiator to greet any visitors!

Underneath the stairs where the space needs to be better utilised.

So, this week we have set about sorting it out but its turning out to be a much bigger job than expected as we can't just do the hall, we also need to do the stairs and landing and suddenly its not so exciting!
I want everything to be white to lighten it up but that means doors need to be undercoated and then painted, then theres the skirtings, door frames and stair bannisters to paint white, not to mention the walls and ceilings needing two coats....eurgh!

The first job was to pull the floor tiles up, I was so relieved to see them gone! As we started the floorboards looked like they were going to be ok but we then discovered lots of repair jobs on them, so unfortunately we are going to have to cover them up.

Up to now the doors have been undercoated and the walls and ceiling have had their first coat (in the hall only) and I'm glad to say its looking much brighter already.


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