Friday, 29 November 2013

Changing Rooms

We are having a bit of a change around upstairs at the moment. We have put our two Children into a bedroom together (with the aim of keeping them close). Which means the small bedroom is now spare, with an intention of turning it into a study. However we are getting a new bed delivered next week so its been very handy to have the spare room as we have put our bed in there and emptied our room to fully decorate.

I actually quite like our bed in the little bedroom and think we may leave it in there over Christmas for when my Sister visits, then who knows after Christmas!


For a reminder of what the room looked like when it was my Daughters nursery, click here. I have since removed the border, painted the walls white and put up the new curtains from Next (here). I want to keep the room quite girly incase she goes back in there next year but not too girly that we could use it as a study.
Our bedroom is proving a huge job! Here it is before:

I am so relieved to be painting over those green and magnolia walls!!

And this is what it look like today:

The new bed is supposed to  be delivered on Monday 2nd December but I have delayed it to Friday 6th. I'm still not convinced we will be finished by then!

We have this huge wardrobe in the room which really I should take down to paint behind it but know that if it comes down, I won't want to put it up again! Maybe I could paint it?

So, there are the before pictures of my bedroom, hopefully it won't be too long before I am showing you after pictures, wish me luck!!

I have been getting plenty of inspiration from Pinterest and Magazines of course! This is the look I want to achieve:

A white and grey scheme with white painted floorboards and painted furniture, not sure its achievable in a week but I can dream! Sources for the photos can be found on my Pinterest board.

Thank you for reading xx



  1. Oh Tracy, it's going to be beautiful! I am so jealous. I do wish you luck but I am sure you don't need it as your makeovers are always fab! Can't wait to see after photos. Mandy x

    1. Thank you for your vote of confidence! I could do with a team of decorators to come in and help me finish :) xx

  2. I think it will be lovely. I hope you manage to achieve the look you want.


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