Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The run up to Christmas

Good morning, another glorious crisp sunny day here today! Perfect day for a long family walk but there is housework to be done so hopefully it will stay dry for the weekend!! The school run will have to suffice :)

I absolutely love this time of year, the decorations are up in town, the Christmas adverts on (John Lewis...enough said!!) and that excited feeling in my stomach! My Son's pre-school are starting to prepare for the Nativity, we asked him what he was going to be...a king...a shepherd? No he said, Superman!! Of course!!

I have been getting lots of orders for Personalised Christmas Decorations over at Handmade Hearts, here are a couple of examples:

This time last year, I had quite a few stalls/fairs on the run up to Christmas but this year I am having just one, and its quite a small one so that takes a lot of the pressure off. I want to be able to enjoy the run up to Christmas this year, we have my Daughters 2nd birthday and then my 30th birthday (eek!!!!) before Christmas so it will be nice to have some family time.

I have bought all of the kids presents in the numerous sales that were taking place over the half term, and some of my families so only a few more bits to get now. So, all in all feeling quite prepared for the holidays :) I bought all of my wrapping paper and tags in the January sales.(Apologies for my smugness its not very often I am organised, am sure I will be doing the last minute dash on Christmas Eve!!). I do want to get some more fairy lights though, we only have one set and half of the lights don't work. I'm going to go to poundstretchers for them - they have a great selection of battery operated ones that could be hung over mirrors, pictures etc. without any trailing wires and they are cheap too! Its going to be magical hehehe :)

I have recently come across Christmas Eve boxes, have you seen them? They are a fab idea, basically a box full of goodies to give your Children on Christmas Eve - I'm definitely going to make one up! I have always put the Children in new pyjamas on Christmas Eve but how nice will it be for them to open them amongst other treats! I'm also going to put in a Christmas dvd, a Christmas story, and reindeer food - I'm going to make my own with porridge oats, red/green glitter and pop it in a bag! I'm going to do one box between them to avoid arguments of which dvd to watch! Oh and don't forget some treats to eat whilst watching the movie! Think I may be more excited about Christmas then the kids! More info on the Christmas Eve Box can be seen here at the Imagination Tree. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

I have recently stumbled across a really lovely blog 'A Beach Cottage', she is currently doing a daily blog on how to love your home at Christmas and make it pretty but not perfect! Its about taking time out for yourself and your family rather than getting involved in the stress and humdrum - I completely agree that's what Christmas should be all about! If you get chance, then its worth a look - I warn you though once you start reading you will be there a while so better put the kettle on!!

How about you? Do you get organised early or leave it to the last minute?

Thank you for reading xx


  1. Hi Tracy. Well done on being so organised! I always do things in advance as i dont like the pressure of leaving things till the last minute. I love your hearts. I like to make personalised hearts too. Will take a look at the blog you recommend. Mandy x

    1. Hello Mandy, Thank you! It is a nice feeling, I just hope it lasts! Thank you, I love personalised Christmas decorations :)
      You won't be disappointed with the blog, I have just been reading day 4, its lovely to read and lovely pictures xx

  2. Hello Tracy. I love the idea of a Christmas eve box! My kids have grown up, fled the nest and now have their own kids but I always used to buy new pyjamas for them to wear on christmas eve and they had a new 'christmas story' book. I have got my youngest grandddaughter a bag of reindeer food to sprinkle on their lawn this christmas eve. They are selling it at the hospital where I work for £1 a bag to raise money for the childrens ward.Its such a magical time and I love seeing the magic through the eyes of a child.

    1. Hello Anne, I have always bought them new pyjamas too but think it's such a lovely idea to put them in a box with other treats - all adds to the excitement and magic. That's a lovely way to raise money for charity, I haven't heard of it before but looking forward to trying it out this year! Have a lovely Christmas with your Children and Grandchildren xx

  3. I am very organised. I have nearly brought all my presents now. The last ones are waiting for pay day then I will be finished. Everything is wrapped and labeled. Cards are written and today choose real Xmas tree. Today started list for Xmas food treats which I will get in the next couple of weeks. Xmas Eve I like to prepare as much of the veg /food for Xmas day. Including setting the table. So in the morning I can spend time with my family opening presents and eating sweets for breakfast. Xmas Eve is spent curled up on the sofa watching any Christmas movies as a family with a buffet on the coffee table for all of us to dive into. We always leave Santa a Baileys and carrots for the reindeers by the fire.We hang up two stockings for my children (Well not children they are 25 and 16 now) for Santa to fill for them if they have been good. He still leaves a orange in each one....
    Glad I have found your blog..

    1. Hello Rosezeeta, wow that is very organised!! A buffet on Christmas Eve sounds like a great plan, think we will do that too while we watch the Christmas movie from the box!
      Its lovely that your family Christmas traditions are still going after all these years :)
      Sounds like you are going to have a very relaxed run up to Christmas, enjoy xx


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