Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Magazine addict!

Everybody has a vice, for some its smoking, drinking, chocolate, bags, shoes? But for me its buying home magazines!! I can't get enough of them, I get so excited at the beginning of the month and the shelves are full of new magazines - sad I know! But with two small Children I don't get a lot of 'me' time so when I do, I like to spend it with a magazine, a cuppa and a biscuit or two.

My absolute favourite is 'Ideal Home' and I buy this religiously every month!


I also buy Your Home and Style at Home every month, these are great value at £1.99 each and full of inspiration and readers real homes - love a good nosey inside other peoples houses. I then occasionally buy Country Living, House Beautiful or Country Homes & Interiors but try to restrict myself with these haha! All of their websites are jam packed with gorgeous piccies too so I have added the links so you can easily find them and have a nosey, go on put the kettle on ;)

I used to subscribe to Craftseller and The Simple Things but it was getting too much so stopped those, although I do love how pretty the spines of 'The Simple Things' magazines look on the shelf :)

My Partners Mum recently bought me this Mollie Makes Home magazine which is just lovely! Its very pricey at £9.99 but there are no adverts in so its more like a book and a lovely one to pick up time and time again.

Recently I found a really cheap way to get my fix!! I have started buying Home magazines from the charity shop, not sure why I didn't think of it sooner but recently a local charity shop were advertising all of their books and magazines at just 10p each and they had stacks of them!

Can you believe all of the above magazines were just 10p each! The Woman & Home at the front is December 2013 and still on the shelf! The others are all older but I don't mind, still lots of pretty pictures to admire and inspiration to find.

A free alternative to magazines are the home catalogues, the Laura Ashley one and the M&S one are both free, the Next one is £2 but still cheaper than some magazines and they offer inspiration on all that seasons trends.

After saying that though, today I bought 'Country Living' when I nipped to the shop for a loaf of bread - I just can't resist a Christmas Magazine, there is no helping me!

I recycle all of my magazines by passing them onto my Sisters and Mum who then pass them on again. Here is the most recent pile to be sent:

Which is your favourite magazine? Or what is your guilty pleasure?

Thank you for reading xx
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  1. I love them too but dont buy nearly as many as I used to.Charity shops and car boot sales are great for second hand mags, my friend at work passes her 'used' ones on to me and I subscribe to Country Living as a treat to myself.You have to have a bit of a treat!

    1. Very true, and what better way to treat yourself! I wish I knew someone who bought the magazines and passed them onto me instead of the other way round! I'm definitely going to keep more of a look out for second hand ones now x

  2. I am a Style at home and Your home fan too! They are just such great value. I did subscribe to one of them last year which was great but have not done it again this year. I also like various craft or sewing mags but have stopped buying them for now because i have more than i will ever get through project wise! :) Mandy x

    1. They are brilliant value for the amount of content in them! I have stopped subscribing to Craftseller too as have a huge stack of them which I can go back to for ideas. Good luck with your projects x

  3. I LOVE home magazines. Did you know you can get subscriptions with Tesco clubcard vouchers? I've had an Ideal Home subscription for two years now and not paid a penny. I pass mine on to girlfriends and my Mum, once I've had a very thorough read through and looked on the internet for everything I've loved in each issue :) xxx

    P.S Although I am also addicted to chocolate. It's ok to have two addictions, right?

    1. Haha yes I am also addicted to custard creams!! :)
      No, I didn't know that , I'm going to look into now though as free is always good!
      When my sister reads a magazine she has a notebook next to her to jot down all the websites and things she wants to look up :) Then she takes the notebook to work for her lunchbreaks! Good idea as there can be a lot to remember xx


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