Friday, 10 May 2013

Knitted Patchwork Blanket ~ Part Two

My knitted patchwork blanket for my Son is now complete! I am really pleased with it and so is he. The knitted patches were all knitted by my Mum and I then sewed them together, so a joint effort (although a lot more effort from my Mum).

The blanket sometimes lives on my Son's bed:

and sometimes lives on the back of our sofa:

but mainly can be found wrapped around my son during his afternoon nap:

I am now trying to decide whether it needs an edging? I thought about crochet but think it will look too girly. I though about putting a backing on it with a binding edge but think it will be too heavy and hot for him. What do you think?

Next is a pink version for my daughter :)

Thank you for reading xx

Knitted Patchwork Blanket ~ Part One

Today I am joining in with this party:


  1. Oh that blanket does look so cosy! Bless him, don't they look angelic when they are asleep!! Hehehe! Many years since mine have been that small. :(
    Looking forward to seeing the pink version. Your mom is a star!
    I imagine those blankets will get many years of wear. How lovely!
    Mandy x

    1. Thank you! Yes they do and have to enjoy the peace of those afternoon naps while they last!
      The blanket is getting lots of use already xx


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