Friday, 31 May 2013

My Spring/Summer Garden 2013

All this rain of late may not have done much for my mood and motivation but the garden has flourished in it!! Its looking so pretty (even if I do say so myself), so I thought I would share with you some of the blooming lovely flowers :)
Beautiful Peonies

My very first Hydrangea

Beautiful pink rhododendron! This hasn't done very well the last couple of years and I almost took it out at the end of last summer, but decided instead to take out the conifer next to it (don't mind conifers as a border but not in a border!!), and this year it has come back with avengence - I love it!!

 Daffodils in the belfast sink, just deciding what to grow in here next.

Once the daffodil flowers have gone, I always tie them back like this, water them with tomato feed and then let them die down, apparently it lets all the nutrients go back into the bulb - thats what I have was told so go with it every year :)

And last but definitely not least these gorgeous Alpines! These are my favourite as they are so easy to grow! Once they have finished flowering, simply cut half away and plant it somewhere else and they just keep spreading...easy peasy!!

I hope you get some sunshine where you are this weekend!!

Thank you for reading xx


  1. Hi Tracy. Love all your plant photos. You have some real pretties there! How are your sweet peas? I am happy to report that mine are no longer trailing but have decided to climb the wigwam. I am delighted though I am yet to see a flower. Love Mandy x

    1. Hello, Thank you! sorry for the late reply, we have had problems with our internet :( but all fixed now and back to the land of blogging :)
      My sweet peas are climbing too but only had one flower so far, fingers crossed for more!! How are yours doing?
      Tracy xx

    2. Hi Tracy
      I have sweetpeas! At last! I am so delighted to see the lovely little flowers appearing. Such a thrill! Hope you get lots too!
      Glad to have you back.
      Mandy x

    3. I now have three flowers - not quite ready to pick and bring inside but I'm remaining hopeful :)
      I've been busy doing lots of projects, just need to finish them so I can blog about them xx

    4. Hope you get some more flowers soon. I am happy to report that I now have dozens of flowers and the smell is lovely! They really are so very pretty. Cant wait to see your latest projects in your next post. Mandy xx

  2. Oh, lovely! I have a single peony that hasn't 'happened' yet, and everything else is roses and fuschias so no blooms there yet either. I would love huge hydrangeas but they barely survive and never bloom. :( x

    1. Hi Emma, Thank you! I'm learning as I go and love it when they start to bloom! Don't worry your peonies will grow and spread each year! My hydrangea is my first and is doing well so far, I'm hoping to put it in the ground at the end of summer.
      Good luck with your garden xx


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