Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Exposed Kitchen Shelves

I am seriously considering removing the wall units in our kitchen and replacing them with open shelves. I have visions of beautiful crockery, colour co-ordinated and organised along the shelves but in reality it could just be a mis-matched, cluttered, unorganised mess, so its a real risk! On the rare occasion that my Partner does the washing up, he puts all the glasses/cups back in the cupboard in no order whatsoever, which is fine(ish) when you shut the door on them, but if we had shelves would I just be forever rearranging them? Not to mention the extra cleaning, although if we fill it with everyday items then they shouldn't be sat there long enough to gather dust.

So, I have been looking for inspiration and have put together a Pinterest board before I take the plunge! Here are a few of my favourites:

I love the shelves above made from reclaimed floor boards!

Love how accessories are used to add a splash of colour against a white background.

Kirstie's Vintage Home (episode 3).

I love all the jars and the hanging cups - definitely will be using cup hooks!

I love the brackets used on the shelves above.

The majority of the ones I like seem to have shelves with brackets rather than floating shelves. So think that is the way we will go, especially to make them stronger for storing heavier items, such as all my glass jars!!

Or maybe just take the doors off like this lovely retro kitchen above?

But my all time favourite has to be this one:

I love the green and cream colour combination, the relaxed country feel and of course the open shelves!

If I am brave enough (or mad enough) to do this then as ever I will post pictures for you to nosey at :)

Thank you for reading xx


  1. Oooo the green and cream combination looks lovely. Very fresh and with the cream crockery looks so elegant too. Chel x

  2. wowwww amazing found! ;) Love those shelves!


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