Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Goodbye Ikea......

Rather than de-cluttering our living room, we have been de-Ikea-ering!!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Ikea! But there is a limit and our living room was full of it and looked like everybody elses living room and we want something more individual and personal to us.

Goodbye to the Billy Bookcase, the Expedit Bookcase, the chair and the Lack side table and hello to lots of old furniture which we are restoring and which means much more to us.

When I say goodbye, I didn't throw them out - I always recycle where I can. The small table is in the shed for the kids to use in the garden in the summer, we sold the chair, the Billy Bookcase got damaged when pulling it down so our neighbours had it for firewood, and the Expedit is in our Sons bedroom.

The Expedit storage units are perfect for Childrens bedrooms, they have got loads of styles of baskets available which hold loads of toys, and the toys can easily be reached by little ones. I have only just noticed that one of the baskets is the wrong way round in this picture - that is going to bug me now!!

As you can see, my Son is a fan of Mickey Mouse so my partner did this mural on his wall for him:

More pictures to follow shortly of the furniture we have replaced the Ikea furniture with.

Thank you for reading xx

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