Sunday, 23 September 2012

Mary Margaret's Apartment ~ Once Upon A Time

Sunday night just isn't the same without Channel 5's Once Upon A Time to look forward too! Nothing else quite fits the bill of fairy tales for adults!!

As well as loving the story line, My favourite thing was Mary Margaret's apartment - her rustic beautiful apartment with its exposed brick walls, lots of white, aged bookcases and the simple vintage kitchen! Anybody else rewind and pause to look at it? Well, it appears I'm not alone, I googled Mary Margaret's apartment and found lots of images, blogs and a fan website.

Here are a few images of the famous apartment:

The Kitchen

The Dining Room

The Living Room

The Bedroom

I also love Mary Margaret's style, its so pretty and feminine yet relaxed, it suits her apartment perfectly!

Season 2 starts in the US at the end of September, but here in the UK we have to wait until March 2013 :(

Lots more pictures of the apartment on my pinterest board

Thank you for reading xx

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