Monday, 28 May 2012

Craft stall at a Summer Fete

At the weekend I held a stall at a local Primary Schools Summer Fete and I'm sad to say it was a little disappointing and disheartening after the success of my first craft stall.

Firstly, the whole event was held indoors, which I thought was strange seen as we have had such a glorious week weather wise. Most of the events took place in the hall with the few craft stalls tucked away in classrooms which meant not alot of passing traffic. It was hard to listen to all the business and noise in the hall when our classroom was completely quiet :( I'm not sure if this is the norm for primary school events with my two little ones not at that age yet.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My first craft stall

I can't believe it has taken me over a week to tell you about my first craft stall!! I have just been so busy with the kids and with lots of orders so can't complain :)

I don't know why I was so worried about the stall, I really enjoyed it and it was a success...I have now got the bug and have booked 3 more!

Here are some pictures of my stall:

The noticeboard was a great way of displaying the garlands and it added some height, its just a shame I only had time to paint it with one coat. I think for the next one I am going to paint the edge with a second coat and stick some fabric to the middle section with fabric glue. 

I'm so pleased with how the tea cup candles worked out, they both sold and I will definitely be making some more! I have been collecting them from car boots and charity shops and now have a good collection. Some are so pretty though I don't know if I will be able to part with them!

I don't think these hearts (personalised with initials) were displayed to their full advantage. I only sold two on the day but got an order for two with letters I didn't have. I think I need to have at least one of each letter for the next one and display them so its easy to see there are different letters/colours/styles available - maybe another noticeboard?

These small birds went down quite well, especially with young girls. It has made me think that I need to make sure I have items which will attract all ages to the stall. I now need to replenish the stock of these for the next one, and definitely want to change the way I display them.

My lovely stand for my business cards. These business cards are from Moo and are really good quality but not cheap, think I need to shop around......

A bowl full of 'Home Sweet Home' hearts. I got really good feedback on these on my facebook page but only sold one on the day, just goes to show you never know what will sell on the day so best to have a good choice.

I put together a booklet of photos of commissions I have done and put it on a chair next to the stall. Lots of people looked through the pictures and I got a couple of new orders from it, so that was a success!

Here is the stall! I was pleased with it on the day but have learnt from it and will make changes next time.

I think craft fairs are a great way to put yourself out there, and stop me from hiding behind my facebook page!! I really enjoyed the day and meeting lots of lovely people, and it was great to get some feedback and to see what sells so I know what to make more of.

My next stall is booked for less than 2 weeks away so not sure if I will have time to make all the changes that I want to, along with making the stock and keeping up with all my recent orders but its all good fun and thats the main thing!

Thank you for reading xxx

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