Thursday, 21 March 2013

My Daughters Nursery

My Daughter's nursery is my favourite room in the house, its so calm and welcoming, and easy to keep tidy as its so small! It has changed so much already in a short space time, the changing table has been and gone and the cot has been lowered twice. As she is getting older, it is time for change again, I need to turn it from a nursery into a bedroom. She currently spends a lot of time in her brothers bedroom (where obviously all toys are his and he doesn't want to share), so it would be nice if she could play comfortably in her own room.

So, here is a tour of how it currently is:

Her lovely cot, which is a John Lewis cot bought off ebay.

Her wardrobe which was bought from a second hand furniture shop. I undercoated it and then gave it two coats of dulux eggshell and am really pleased with the result.

Wardrobe before and after:

I did have a toy box in there for her but realised she couldn't actually reach the toys out of the box, so carried our bookcase from the living room into her room and it works really well. Now I just need to decide whether to paint it white to match the rest of her room.

This is the heart garland I made for her out of felt and fabric, I really love it! They are available to order from here.

This corner is the problem area for me, they both love to play with the kitchen so want to keep it. All the kitchen accessories are in the same pop up basket they came from at the charity shop so need to replace that.

I need to make some sort of seating/cosy area, maybe a bigger rug as the laminate floor is cold. I'm also thinking fairy lights....oooohh can't wait!!

And here are my two little monkeys playing in her bedroom, looking like butter wouldn't melt! xx

Watch this space and I will post the update pictures as and when its finished.

Thank you for reading xx

You can see the initial nursery progress here.

Childs chair painted in Annie Sloan


  1. Hi Tracy. What adorable children you have! Mine are teenagers now. They grow so quick! The nursery is so pretty! You will have great fun turning it into a bedroom. Good luck! Mandy x
    ps have added rest of seeds to pot of sweetpeas and have made a support structure for them and pinched out the tips now they a few inches tall. x

    1. Thanks Mandy! They really do grow so quickly, I can't believe my Son is already 3!!
      Thank you for keeping me updated on your Sweet Peas, a bit of moral support! Mine seem quite happy at the moment, just waiting for that next big growth and then I can re-pot them x


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