Thursday, 21 May 2015

Before and After ~ Playroom Floorboards

Once we had put the children into a bedroom together, we wanted to turn the nursery into a playroom. First job was to rip up the laminate floor (see this post for pics), we were planning on putting a carpet down but luckily the floorboards were ok so we decided to paint them.


Sanded and Scrubbed (during!)



Great Stuff!

I just love painted floorboards, they are really easy to keep clean and look great! We are currently doing the ones in the living room, so will post some pictures soon. I would definitely recommend Farrow & Ball floor paint, it goes on lovely and dries really fast.

More pics of the playroom to follow soon.

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Today I am linking up with The Twinkle Diaries and Mummy of Boy Girl Twins for the #HometEtc blog hop!

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  1. I love natural floor boards and they look so great, x

  2. That looks great! Can I ask what the Stop Gap stuff is made from? #HomeEtc

    1. Thank you! The stop gap stuff is made from a clear plastic and it just fits between the floorboards to stop draughts! If you check out their website they have a video on how to fit it
      Thanks for stopping by x

    2. Thank you - I will check it out! x

  3. Yes — I wholeheartedly agree! I've used various floor paint and F&B is by far my favourite.

    It's quite a lot more expensive than some of the other brands but I really think you get what you pay for. The coverage is good and it dries so fast! I wish I had floorboards in this house to paint!! ;) Thanks so much for linking up with #HomeEtc x

    Caro |


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